Monday, February 15, 2010

Astrid Music "Classic Rock"

Hey, there...just want to share with you guys about this talented singer that I saw at Myspace, her name is Astrid Bryan, she is at "Classic Rock" genre, when I listened to her songs, I fell in love with it.. those wonderful lyrics, her voice, everything about her really makes me crazy..

astrid bryan

My first choice on her songs is" Trapped."
watch this video: 

My second Fave. is "Nothing Can Stop me"
I really like the up beat tempo of this song.. so catchy

My thrid choice is her cover of "Thunderstruck" by Ac/Dc
I really like her rendition of Ac/dc hit.. thunderstruck... much better than the original

though all of her songs is wonderful, that is mt top 3 favorites..
Take a look at this videos... some of her songs..
her carrier single is "Taking Over"

For more videos of her songs.. just click here
her official web site:
her Facebook Fan page:

all of her songs is available on itunes.. click here